Unger HydroPower Ultra Starter Kit – 6m Aluminium Pole

Unger nLite Aluminium Master Pole 6m/19.6′

(Specifications of Pole included in Kit)

  • Constructed from premium quality Aluminium
  • Excellent rigidity thanks to modern construction technology.
  • Includes Thread Adapter and Endcap.
  • Ultimate material strength: 30 GPa

Extended Size:        6m/19.6′

Collapsed Size:        1.7m/5.5′

Pole Sections:          4

Weight:                     2kg (Pole)

Unger HydroPower Ultra Starter KIT – 6m Aluminium Pole

Ideal Pure Water Starter Kit for cleaning up to 6 metre heights.

Kit Includes:

  • UNDIUH1          Unger HydroPower Filter S
  • UNAN60G         Unger nLite Aluminium 6m Master Pole
  • UNNLR27          Unger nLite Angle Brush 27cm
  • UNFTGOS          Unger HiFlo MultiLink Adaptor
  • UNNL20G          Unger nLite Hose 20m
  • UNTMOOV        Unger HiFlo Water Control
  • UNDIUB1A         Unger Resin Filter


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