Air Tower Dispenser Acacia White

Non-Aerosol Passive Room Air Freshener

  • Economical air freshener

  • Freshens wash-rooms for 30 days

  • NO batteries required

  • Infused with natural oils

  • Fits in many other popular dispensers

  • Non-aerosol air freshener

Acacia Air freshens bathrooms, resident rooms and public areas. These beautiful fragrances are designed for consistent and powerful 30-day performance which is why Acacia Air outperforms gels, wicks, and even aerosols.

Where to use:
Designed to freshen larger open spaces without the use of batteries, the open air design creates maximum surface area exposure and space for air flow which provides effective and efficient fragrance release.

Always works, NO batteries required, easy to mount. Does not need batteries, simply works on airflow near your washroom entry door. Should be placed at nose height.

Perfect for Hospitals and Aged Care facilities. This non-aerosol air freshener is perfect for use where you can’t use aerosols due to respiratory issues.

$7.00 incl GST

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