Recycling Station Kit

EnviroPlastic Recycling Station

A quality solution for waste management and recycling made out of 98% recycled plastic.
Kitted Options (labels applied):
BLUE Paper & Cardboard bin kit: SABC-2071B
GREEN Organics bin kit: SABC-2071G
RED Landfill bin kit: SABC-2071R
YELLOW Bottles & Cans bin kit: SABC-2071Y
Independent Options (labels not applied):
Bin: SABC-2071
Blue lid & sticker: SABC-2072
Green lid & sticker: SABC-2073
Red lid & sticker: SABC-2074
Yellow lid & sticker: SABC-2075

  • Robust and durable 60L bins (sold independently)
  • Colour lids and stickers are exchangeable to ensure match with your recycling guidances (also sold independently)
  • Made of 98% recycled plastic
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Sizes: 73 cm height x 42 cm diameter
    • Bin only, 63 cm height x 42 cm diameter
    • Lid only, 13 cm height x 42 cm diameter

Note: This item is a special order.  Please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.