Oates Decitex Fluid Flat Mop KIT

Oates Dicitex Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop KIT

Kit Includes:

1 x Oates Bacteriostatic Fluid Dicitex Aluminium Handle (B-11550-B)

1 x Oates Flat Mop Frame 400mm Aluminium (MF-060)

1 x Oates Ultimate Duo Microfibre Pad 400mm (MF-077)

The second-generation Fluid II features an aluminium rod connecting the finger release trigger for nozzle actuation as well as the Goldshield antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacterial contamination of internal Fluid surfaces.
The ergonomics are well thought out by its designers, down to the smallest detail, with a rotary handle and globe to accompany the movements of the wrists. The ring opening reveals the filling aperture positioned along the handle for easy access under the tap.
The coloured tripod is positioned naturally under your fingers to trigger the mechanism and release the liquid in 3 jets in front of the frame. It comes in four colours for your convenience to define the different work environments and prevent cross-contamination. Fluid’s level indicator keeps you constantly up to date with where you are.

Product Benefits:

  • On-board reservoir with 500ml capacity
  • Anti-microbial treated reservoir
  • 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic 40cm Aluminium Flat Mop Base


• Goldshield® antimicrobial treatment
• Inhibits bacterial contamination
• Lightweight handle (600g)
• Handle length (1.4m)
• Half-litre capacity enables surface coverage up to 140m²
• No bucket or trolley needed
• Ergonomic trigger mechanism

$272.00 incl GST

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