Oates 500mm Ultimate Duo Pad – Single Pad – BLUE

ULTIMATE Duo – white is very dense (950 g / m²) so it can cover surfaces from 50 to more than100 m² depending on the level of dirt. It’s the perfect solution for non-slip floor and can last more than 500 washes
ULTIMATE Duo – white uses the patented ULTIMATE technology. Thanks to its rigid filaments that work against the pile, the front of ULTIMATE Duo – white (everted side edge) lifts dirt and holds it within its microfiber system, never to let it go. This front side eases the glide on non-slip floors. The softer rear, made of 100% microfiber, finishes the job perfectly.

Product Benefits:

  • ULTIMATE V.M.P. Technology (Velvet Microfibre Polyester) – resistant to wear and chemicals
  • Easily glides on safety floors
  • Reusable – up to 600 washes
  • Polyester fibre on the front removes dirt from the surface
  • Absorbent microfibre holds dirt
  • For damp and dry mopping
  • Recommended for use with: Oates 400mm Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop Head (MF-060) / Oates 400mm Ergo Slider Flat Mop (MF-057)

$22.21 incl GST

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