Numatic NUC244NX Compact Battery Floor Scrubber NX300

The NUC244NX scrubber has been designed and engineered with a focus on cleaning those areas that cannot be cleaned by mid size or larger scrubbers.
Powered by the new NX300 lithium ion battery and featuring a new high efficiency digital vacuum motor, the NUC244NX offers users 80mins run time. Simply swap out the NX300 battery to keep cleaning or use the 60mins NX quick charger to get back to work faster.
All the features of a big scrubber packed into a compact scrubber:

• NX battery provides up to 80mins run time with a 60mins quick charge time to 80%
• Efficient centrifugal water delivery through twin brushes
• Easy to operate
• “Park up” feature allows users to quickly park the scrubber in an upright position to move obstacles or carry out other cleaning tasks
• Foot operated floor tool eliminates frequent bending of the user
• Counter rotating brushes operate at 140rpm fast enough for a controlled
clean with no messy spray and limits the potential for damage to floor surfaces

NOTE: Scrubber ships without battery. Order NX300 battery separately, code 913686.


Download Brochure Here:

NUC244NX Compact Upright Battery Scrubber -Asset

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