Hako Scrubmaster B75 R – 65cm Disc

Automatic Filling
Time saving: While the machine is filled up automatically, the operator can use the time to carry out daily maintenance tasks or other jobs.
Brush Discharge
Two at one swoop: Both brushes can be replaced quickly and easily in a single work step.
Quick and easy: Easy access to the diagnosis interface allows maintenance tasks to be carried out or adjustments to be made to the machine parameters directly and with very little effort.
Tool Holder
Always ready to use: The tool holder allows stowing away both the hand-held vacuum tool and the squeegee safely and easily and have them ready at hand when needed.
Tank Cleaning
Easy to clean: The design of the recovery tank with smooth inner surfaces allows easy cleaning and removal of residue and coarse dirt.
Maintenance Door Solution Tank
Clean: Direct access to the solution tank, enables easy cleaning/ rinsing.
Warranty: 12 Months Parts, 12 Month Labor.


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