Rocket Vac Classic Back Pack Vacuum


Due to demand, this classic model of the Rotobic range is back with the Rotobic family. The mainstay back pack of the professional cleaning industry for over 30 years, its reliability and performance is what has it outlast so many others that have come and gone. It is lightweight at 4.8kg on a 4L capacity unit. Its ergonomic back support frame sits the unit beautifully on the users hips for complete comfort. Its efficient, long life Ametek motor delivers consistent carpet cleaning performance that you can rely on. Triple filtration maintains a high standard of filtered air. It allows the unit to maintain great performance for longer periods when it counts most…when cleaning on the job.

If you want a no fuss, reliable, comfortable back pack vacuum cleaner that works day-in day-out, then this Rocket Vac Classic is your choice.



COMFORT is about the way the back harness sits on the operator. Weight on the hips and not on the shoulders. Snug and doesn’t move around when you move. It means the hot air exhausts up and away from the operators’ back, protecting the operator from heat and papers not being blown off desktops and cabinets. Choosing the right backpack vacuum is like choosing the right outfit, it has to be right for you. Not all backpacks suit the individuals that use them. The Rocket Vac Classic does its best to accommodate most users, try it on!

COMFORT means productivity. You can vacuum for longer without fatigue. Get more vacuuming done in less time so you can move onto the next job quicker.

COMFORT and PRODUCTIVITY equals PERFORMANCE. Be satisfied not only with clean carpets, but having done the work quickly and efficiently every time.

Trust in Rotobic Back Pack Vacuums – Australian Made and Design. (Manufactured in Sydney)

• Triple Filtration
• Low Noise
• Quality Motor
• Lightweight
• Ergonomic Harness

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