Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

Touchless Hand Sanitiser & Soap Station


This stand is ideal for high-traffic areas used by patrons and employees. Its ready access encourages hand hygiene and as an added bonus, this automatic touchless instant hand sanitiser dispenser station is easy to assemble. The stand features a weighted round metal base to ensure stability in high-traffic areas. Its touch-free design helps prevent the spread of germs by lessening the chances of cross contamination. In addition, its sleek black colour and all-metal construction will make it an attractive and durable hand sanitising option and it will encourage your patrons and employees to use hand sanitiser to protect against the flu and other germs.
This 1 Litre Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station is suitable for Offices, Hospitals, Schools & all other high-traffic areas.
Stand comes complete with:
• Receiver Box
• Dispenser
• Stand


• Infrared Sensing
• Sensing Range is 0-12cm
• Power Supply – 4 x Size ‘AA’ Batteries (not included)
• Capacity – 1 Litre (1000ml)
• Spray Volume – 1.2ml
• Easy to open
• Available for both Gel or Liquid Sanitiser:
 Metal nozzle for liquids
 Unscrew metal nozzle for gel & soap
• Dispenser can be wall mounted

$285.00 incl GST

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