Unger Black Series Window Cleaning Kit (Limited Special Edition)

Everything the cleaning professional needs on a daily basis, now in a strictly limited special edition of high-quality, proven UNGER tools: Black Series. The individual tools in the Black Series window cleaning kit have new, powerful features, real product improvements that will pay off noticeably in your everyday work. In addition, the special edition features a modern, striking design that visibly reflects the exclusivity of this set. UNGER quality that meets the highest professional standards.


Included in the Unger Black Series Window Cleaning Kit
1 x Black Series ErgoTec® 35cm Squeegee
Ergonomic two-component handle in exclusive black with laser engraved campaign logo.
Limited-edition pole with green power squeegee blade.
1 x Power Rubber, Green, 35cm
Green power squeegee rubber with outstanding sliding ability. Medium SHORE hardness for year-round use. Streak-free results. Reliable, long lasting. Professional quality, made in Europe.
1 x Black Series Power Washer Sleeve* 35cm
20% higher water absorption than standard microfibre sleeves. Power microfibre sleeve with scrubbing pad for ultimate cleaning power. Machine washable and tumble dry.
1 x UNGER’s Power Liquid 1 Litre
Power formula with extended foam life. Professional window cleaning soap with high productivity (concentrate 1:100). Power formula with ultimate cleaning power for streak-free results.
1 x 18L Black Series Window Cleaning Bucket
Professional window cleaning bucket suited to squeegee size.


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