TerraCyclic Sanitary Bio-Bin Starter Kit – with 12 x Cartridges

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 x TerraCyclic Bio-Bin Regular 13L White
  • 1 x TerraCyclic Base Plinth
  • 12 x TerraCyclic Regular Cartridges 

D.I.Y. Sanitary Disposal System

The TerraCyclic Bio Bin is a revolutionary biodegradable sanitary disposal system. The one of a kind biodegradable cartridges cut out cleaning maintenance, produce less waste, save on costs and reduce energy use.


Simple Design – Easy to install & Easy to refill.

Minimal contact – Sealed bag with modesty flap means waste is never to be seen again, reducing the risk to harmful bacteria for users and cleaning staff.

Environmentally Safe – Non-toxic, biodegradable, odorised plastics, breaks down in 1 – 5 years.

Small Dispenser Footprint – The Cylinders are wall-mountable or freestanding and will fit into almost every washroom.


The Bio Bin is a wall-mounted or free standing cylindrical unit that is ideal for tight spaces. The self-deodorising cartridges seal in sanitary waste and are quick and easy to replace. It removes the need for any complicated cleaning and requires minimal storage space.


The Bio Bin cartridge consists of a disposable cap, modesty flap and liner that are completely non-toxic and degradable. Because of the innovative design, environmental impact and degradability, the TerraCyclic Bio Bin has been awarded a Carbon Footprint Accreditation.


The design of the Bio Bin cartridges contains all waste products so that users and cleaning staff have no contact with unsanitary waste. And without the need for an external cleaning service, maintenance is easily monitored and cartridges are refilled before any mess can occur.

The feminine hygiene disposal market is primarily based on rental services and cleaning maintenance. Most companies in this market only provide a sanitary disposal service that requires an incredible amount of energy consumption with every service due to the servicer’s travel, water waste in cleaning out sanitary bins and the chemicals used in the cleaning process.

TerraCyclic removes this excessive use of energy in its progressive system that eliminates the need for an external business. Each refill cartridge is degradable and completely self-contained, meaning that once an item has been deposited, there is no chance of it coming into contact with another person.

The Bio Bin is perfect for the smallest spaces as well as the busiest sites.

Refilling the TerraCyclic Bio Bin is as simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Insert a new cartridge into Cylinder Base.
  2. Remove the cartridge when full.
  3. Place the cartridge in any general rubbish receptacle.


• Self-contained cartridge refills remove the need for an external sanitary service company
• Cartridges are 100% biodegradable, reducing the environmental impact
• Self-deodorising to remove any unpleasant smells
• Simple and safe refilling that can be disposed of in any general waste
• Carbon Footprint Accredited


  • Offices, showrooms, healthcare sites, education amenities
  • Remote locations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Food outlets, cafes and restaurants
  • Theme parks, nature parks and camping grounds
  • Public washrooms
  • High security areas
  • Environmentally sensitive locations

The TerraCyclic Bio Bin system is an innovative, environmentally friendly and economic system. Our Green Washrooms and Nilodor Odour Control programs compliment the TerraCyclic Bio Bin system, providing a complete Washroom package for your facilities.



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$169.00 incl GST

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