Rugged ELVA Commercial Backpack Battery Vacuum ***COMING SOON***

Elva is a 4L dry, low footprint, cordless battery-operated commercial vacuum cleaner, used for applications where mains power is unavailable, for daytime cleaning where vacuum cleaner noise is a concern, and applications where cord electric vacuums are considered inconvenient and/or hazardous.


Elva uses a 36V d.c., 300W high-efficiency Thru-Flo motor to provide high airflow and deliver maximum vacuuming performance. Using two 18v d.c., 10Ah battery packs, similar in construction to battery packs on power tools, these high-capacity battery packs, provides 75min runtime delivering 100% power all the time, and are sufficiently powerful to drive the Wessel-werk TK 284 turbo brush for those who require a higher level of cleaning. Each battery has a 4-level “fuel gauge” indicator to show the State of Charge (Soc). By simply pressing the battery button read the Soc.

Elva is supplied with a dual port, pulsed rapid charger that recharges 2 flat batteries in 115 minutes. Pulse charging technology is an aid in preserving battery life. During charging, the charger fan cools the battery pack to minimize charging time. The digital power display identifies the condition of the battery, charging status, and the melody tone alert tells you when charging is completed.

Elva is the battery version of the long-life Impress corded electric vacuum cleaner and shares the benefit of that design i.e., added comfort for extended vacuuming shifts, lightweight 6.2kg battery vacuum, low noise, long life, HEPA filtration, and low operating cost. It is constructed from lightweight impact grade plastics and is fitted with endurance sweat guard tough fabric covering, resilient foam padding, loop over-frame contoured, wide, comfort shoulder pads, vertical and laterally adjustable sternum strap, Hook and Loop zip-up back pad, extra wide double stretch elastic hook and loop waist padding with onboard tool holders. All padding is designed for tools free replacement.

Elva is supplied with a rinseable HEPA filter, 32mm antimicrobial “crush-proof hose”, rust-resistant lightweight stainless rods, low profile EZ2GO floor tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush. Applications for this vacuum cleaner are not limited to schools, offices, homes, lodgings, aged care and other commercial cleaning applications.

Elva Sales Brochure