Whiteley Protect – 5L (Stone & Tile Penetrating Sealer)

Protect Penetrating Sealer is suitable for use on most porous surfaces including concrete, sandstone, granite, marble, slate, brick and tiles. Protect Penetrating Sealer protects surfaces against staining and makes sealed areas easier and quicker to clean.
Protect Penetrating Sealer maintains the natural appearance of the sealed surface. Protect Penetrating Sealer is UV resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is easy to apply to surfaces and requires minimal labour.
Protect is available in 5L bottles.




• Preserves the surface’s natural look
• Suitable for internal and external use
• Helps repel both oil and water based stains
• Makes sealed areas quicker and easier to clean
• Does not contain dangerous or toxic solvents
• Helps to prevent acid damage and efflorescence
• Non-yellowing and UV resistant
• Water based

$111.47 incl GST

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