PacVac Thrift 650 Backpack Vacuum

Technical specifications of Thrift 650 backpack vacuum.

  • Vacuum motor                           1300W single-stage flow through
  • Power source                              Mains, 18m power cord
  • Noise level (at 1.5m)                 66dB(A)
  • Filtration                                       4-stage filtration with hi-flow filter
  • Volumetric airflow (max.)      55L/sec
  • Capacity                                          5L
  • Weight                                            4.8kg (excluding power cord and hose assembly)
  • Warranty                                       2 years on body and motor

Thrift 650 is fitted with entry level accessories making it a great, affordable option.

Thrift 650 provides strong suction power driven by the 1300W motor high productivity when deep cleaning in medium scale commercial environments.

The hi-flow filtration and sealed disposable SMS dust bag offers the 4th level of filtration, improving air quality after use.

We want you to be comfortable when you wear your backpack vacuum, so we partnered with leading ergonomists to design a lightweight body moulded frame and an extra comfy harness with thick padding in all the right places.

Fitted with an 18m long cord, you can power through your cleaning tasks without having to switch powerpoints all the time.

*Thrift 650 comes with two disposable sealed SMS dust bags in the box.

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$325.00 incl GST

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