Oates 500mm Ultimate Duo Pad – 10 Pack – GREEN

ULTIMATE V.M.P. Technology (Velvet Microfibre Polyester)


• Resistant to wear and chemicals
• Easier to use on safety floors
• Reusable, up to 600 washes
• Polyester fibre on the front removes dirt from the surface
• Microfibre holds dirt and absorbs
• For damp and dry mopping


NOTE: Approximately 120 x Ultimate Duo Pads (40cm velcro) fit in a 14kg washing machine

Recommended for use with:


• Oates 400mm Aluminium Flat Mop Head (MF-060)
• Oates 400mm Ergo Slider Flat Mop Head (MF-057)

$222.08 incl GST

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