DEB Solopol 4L Pod HD Hand Cleaner (carton of 4)


Solvent-free Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Paste

Lightly fragranced solvent-free hand cleanser with Astopon® natural
scrubbing agent and Eucornol® emulsifying active to boost cleansing

Where to use – For use in industrial environments to effectively remove heavy soiling.

About Solopol®

Features & Benefits

  • Highly effective solvent free formula – Specially formulated with mild, skin friendly ingredients to provide the same level of cleaning performance normally associated with solvent based products for general heavy duty cleansing. Effectively removes ingrained oil, grease, carbon black and lubricants.
  • Contains emollients – to help prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth after use.
  • Contains Eucornol® emulsifying active – forms micelles that increase skin compatibility by emulsifying and encapsulating substances, helping to reduce their potentially irritating effect.
  • Contains Astopon® natural scrubbing agent – Astopon® is produced from walnut shell powder and helps provide a deep clean. The scrubbing agent is easily rinsed away, preventing blocked drains and pipes.
  • Soap-free formulation with skin friendly pH value – Formulated to maintain the skin’s acid mantle; a layer on the surface of the skin which acts to help support the natural bacteria balance.
  • Silicone-free – Suitable for use in any production sites where paint and surface coating processes are undertaken.
  • Compatible with rubber production processes – Independently tested at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK) and proven to have no negative effect on the vulcanisation process.
  • Environmental Choice Australia Certified Product – This product has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of Good Environmental Choice Australia PCPv4.1i-2013 Personal Care Products Standard. See

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