Actichem Percide + Boost – 750ML EMPTY BOTTLE WITH TRIGGER

  • Accelerates Extraordinary Micro-Organism Killing Power
  • Gets Job Done
  • Dramatic Results


Actichem’s Percide Boost accelerates the extraordinary micro-organism killing power and destaining ability of AP610 Percide. With an easy 1:9 mixing ratio, Percide Boost is convenient in use and produces dramatic results. The 1:9 Percide Boost : Percide mix provides everything the original Percide boasts, except it gets the job done quicker and when it’s a heavy duty one, the results are delivered with less effort and more WOW!
Take mould eradication as a case in point; the 1:9 Percide Boost : Percide mix destroys mould in a stunning 5 minutes.
Percide’s unique peroxide formula, displays lethal effect on mould spores. When mixed with Percide Boost the aggressive hydroxyl reaction on mould growth is dramatically accelerated. This reduces the time required to completely eliminate spores and to lift & remove discolouration and soiling.

The Percide & Percide Boost mix, takes only 5 minutes to achieve a >4.5 log reduction (kill) when tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis.

$11.44 incl GST

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